Growing Up Sexually

The Sexual Curriculum

(Oct., 2002)

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Janssen, D. F. (Oct., 2002). Growing Up Sexually. Volume II: The Sexual Curriculum: The Manufacture and Performance of Pre-Adult Sexualities. Interim Report. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Main Volume Index



Historical Background of the Project "Growing Up Sexually"


Chapter Abstracts


The Sexual Curriculum


1 The Sociology of "Developmental" Sexualities

2 Sexologising Childhood

3 Developmental to Developing Sexologies

4 Language, Culture and Developmental Sexology

5 Puberty

6 Coitality, Koitomimesis and Coitarche

7 Sex Training

8 Preadult Sexualities

[Addendum in preparation: Protoparaphilia]

9 The Doing of Genitalia

[Addendum: Bibliography]

10 "Primal Knowledge"

11 Medicalisation and Curricularisation of Sexual Behaviour Trajectories

12 Bodies, Functions and Culture I

[Addendum: Versunken in Mystischer Betrachtung]

13 Bodies, Functions and Culture II

14 Curricular Subjectification/Objectification of Erotic Personhood

[Addendum: Ethnohistorical Bibliography]

15 Rolling Down a Hill Together in Each Other's Arms

16 Making and Arresting Sexual/Erotic People: A Cultural Issue

[Addendum: "Reactive" Sexualities in Three Tables]

17 Selected Theoretical Proceedings

18 Technologies of Erotic Propaedeusis [added April 2004]


Recommendations for Further Study




I Structural Determinants of Sexual Curricula

II Ethnographic Coverage of Early "Sexual" Behaviour Development and Socialisation: An Impression

III Playground Sexualities

IV Ontologist Sexologies



Table Phase- and Gender Specific Sexual Restraint and Other Sexological Measures for the SCCS

Adapted with kind permission of the Editor

Table SCCS Geo- and Chronographic Specificity

Reproduced with kind permission of the Editor of World Cultures


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List of Terms That Might Cause Ambiguous or Inconclusive Reading



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