Growing Up Sexually

The Sexual Curriculum (Nov., 2002)


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All-Male Phase Disparate Erotic Systems. Interim Ethnohistorical Bibliography


Addendum to Janssen, D. F. (Oct., 2002). Growing Up Sexually. Interim Report. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, chapter 14: Curricular Subjectification/Objectification of Erotic Personhood: Renegotiating Performance and Participation



[Compiler's note: Included are mainstream and more peripheral works on the matter of so-addressed "age-stratified" male erotic affiliations, with a strong emphasis on non-Western and historical European settings. The selection here applied (together with the inherent subtextual ramification) for a large part will prove as arbitrary as that encountered in its contemporary academic coverage. Please take note that the compiler does not in any systematic sense wishes to endorse or propagandise the statements, desires or opinions ventilated in any of the following works.]



. 1. Fout! Bladwijzer niet gedefinieerd.

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