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At Mambegwana's,

We play, but what do we eat?

We eat sweet patatoes.

Cook for me, sister!

Chorus: Ahee, holele![1]



Diederik F. Janssen , MD

Corpus “Growing Up Sexually”

Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, Berlin, Germany




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Growing Up Sexually: Topica Book****


**** 2nd edition, 8.2 Mb file, 1,568 pages. Currently maintained offline.


This work, composed of “Growing Up Sexually” Listserv digests, contains roughly two years of day-to-day abstracts, conference entries, tables of contents, calls for papers, links to fulltext materials, and associated notifications. Contact author for the file.


2nd edition October 2005. PDF file only.

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Some related writings of a theoretical nature.


Initiation rituals/ rites des passage (2006).


Encyclopaideia (boys)


Puellarium (girls)



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IES The International Encyclopaedia of Sexuality Vols. I-IV







Janssen, D. F., Growing Up Sexually. 0.2 ed. 2004. Berlin: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology

Last revised: Aug 2006



[1]  Song No. 44, from John Blacking (Suzel Ana Reily & Lev Weinstock, Eds.) Venda Girls' Initiation Schools. Produced by the Department of Social Anthropology, The Queen's University of Belfast, March 1998, ERA project [http://sapir.ukc.ac.uk/QUB/Introduction/I_Frame.html]