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As reproduced from 0.1 edition, July 2003:


My gratefulness goes out, of course, to the advisory board of the Dutch Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Seksualiteit (Prof. Dr. Humphrey E. Lamur, Dr. Cees J. Straver, Drs. Peter van Eeten), for providing an opportunity of study and a forum for important matters. Further, I like to thank all librarians who have supported my searches, particularly University librarians in Nijmegen and Amsterdam. I would specifically like to thank the authors that have provided me with their papers, particularly Dr. Wulf Schiefenhövel, Dr. Loren Frankel, Dr. Cees J. Straver, Dr. Peter Redman, Dr. Dennis Parisot, Dr. Terry Leahy, Dr. John Hollister, Dr. Chris Lockhart, Dr. Félix López, Dr. Gilles Brougere, Prof. Dr. David F. Bjorklund, Prof. Dr. David Buckingham, Dr. James R. Kincaid, Dr. Eric Rofes, Dr. Steven Angelides, Dr. Paula Reavey, Dr. Sharra Vostral, Dr. Pamela D. Schultz, Prof. Dr. Gisela Helmius, and Dr. James Daniel Lee. The author further wishes to thank the following authors for their correspondence: Dr. Gwen Broude, the staff of HRAF, Dr. Valerie Walkerdine, Dr. Bill Divale, Dr. Jakob Pastoetter, Prof. Dr. Erwin J. Haeberle, Prof. Dr. Robert T. Francoeur, Prof. Dr. Tariq Rahman, Dr. Barry Hewlett, Dr. Helle Rydström, Dr. Ralph Underwager, Dr. Canéla Analucinda Jaramillo and Dr. Alfredo Oliva. A further special thanks goes out to Jaromir van Gorsel.


As for the present (0.2) edition, September 2004:


I like to express my sincerest gratitude for the efforts and directions by both Prof. Dr. Dr. Erwin J. Haeberle (my host) and Dr. Thomas Haase (the Archive’s “wizard”) for allowing me to get this re-make edition off the ground. This has meant very kind reception and inspiring communication approaching 2 years at the time of writing. The Archive’s site has been a groundbreaking initiative, and I feel very pleased to be able to contribute to its magnitude and coverage.

I further like to greet all individuals that have contacted me in the course of Project “Growing Up Sexually”, specifically all authors who have provided me with drafts and samples of their work.


As for the decursus of monthly additions:


I would like to thank the following authors for their kind correspondence in the context of project “Growing Up Sexually” since the previous web-release:

Prof. Dr. Gilbert Herdt, Dr. W. van Binsbergen, Dr. Vern L. Bullough, Dr. Kevin Kelly, Prof. Dr. Gert Hekma, Prof. Dr. Peter Knupfer, Dr. Yohan Castel, Drs. Miranda van Reeuwijk, Drs. Rachel Spronk, Mr. J. Cieciel, Dr. Ria Reis, Prof. Dr. Jonathan Parry, Dr. Overson Shumba, Pamela R. Hurajt, Dr. Jason Maas-DeSpain, Dr. Eric A. Roth, Dr. Torkild Thanem, Dr. Daniel Marshall, Dr. Ralf Dose, Lidwien Dinnissen, Mr. JP, Mr. John de Graaff, Prof.  Dr. Harris Mirkin, Dr. Cheri Jo Pascoe, Dr. Heather Piper, Kieran Mc Cartan, Dr. Susan Talburt, Dr. Carol C. Beausang, Dr. Ellen E. Woodall, Dr. Lee Tien, Dr. Hristo Hagitanev, Dr. Miles Groth, Dr. Steven Jay Schneider, Dr. Stephen L. Eyre, Dr. Hansjoerg Dilger.





Janssen, D. F., Growing Up Sexually. 0.2 ed. 2004. Berlin: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology

Last revised: Aug 2005