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Nicolaisen and Nicolaisen (1997, II)[1] state:


“There is considerable individual variation as to when young Tuareg first engage in sexual activities. From the age of seven to ten years children may sometimes copulate, though this is not typical. We noticed among the Kel Tahabanat, however, that some children were apparently sexually active or at least allowed to publicly fantasize about sex. A girl of about eleven years told us that she slept with boys of about her own age, and nobody reacted against this. Ida [Nicolaisen] observed two adult men laughing heartily at the five year old son of one of them, as he demonstrated how he copulated at night with a somewhat older girl. It may also happen that a girl of no more than seven or eight gets married, in which case she will have intercourse with her husband though she is not yet sexually mature. This, however, seems to be quite rare. In general, Tuareg do not have sexual intercourse until they are physically grown up, which is marked by initiation rites”.


An institutional periodic meeting of teenage sexes (ahal) provides occasion for nose-rubbing and further liberties (Patai, 1962:p123). “As a result of this institution, pre-Islamic in its origin, both girls and young men begin their sex life as soon as they reach maturity, and no value whatsoever is placed on virginity”.















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Last revised: Sept 2004


[1] Nicolaisen, J. & Nicolaisen, I. (1997) The Pastoral Tuareg: Ecology, Culture, and Society. New York: Thames & Hudson. Vol. 2