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Betrothal takes place at age 3-4 (Talbot (1969 [III]:p438). Three days after “Genital Painting Day” (Kunju Mie Ene), the girls are free to take a lover, but to have intercourse before the Iria ceremony is considered a disgrace never quite wiped out (Talbot (1969 [II]:p402). Before menarche, girls are not allowed to wear anything until a short loin-cloth.


Elam (1998)[1] remarks on Iria:


“For the Okrika tribe, who lives on the island of Ogoloma in the river district of southern Nigeria, the Iria is the traditional coming- of-age ceremony for pubescent girls. This ceremony contains all four of the factors found in ritual coming-of-age ceremonies; isolation, instruction, transition, and celebration. However, two interesting factors distinguish this ceremony from many others: it is performed when a girl has reached a relatively mature age (about seventeen), not at the onset of menarche [sic], and it is a group initiation. Years ago, girls were expected to marry immediately after completing Iria, but today finishing an education and starting a career is considered acceptable. Basically, Iria is a way of proclaiming a girl’s womanhood, beauty, and marriageability”.


During the ceremony, wise women inspect their breasts mammae, in order to detect pregnancy, and therefore unchastity (Gardner, 1993)[2]. To fail this chastity test would bring great dishonour and shame on their families and the offending girl would be seen as both loose and a prostitute.













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Last revised: Sept 2004


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