Growing Up Sexually





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Featured: Badjju, Nupe, Hausa, Kadara, Kagoro, Efik, Tiv, Kanuri, Ijaw/ Ijo, Bini, Marghi, Jekri, Lala, Kofjar, Ibibio, Woodabe Fulani, Borroro Fulani, Ibo[Afikpo Igbo, Asaba Ibo], Rukuba, Irigwe, Yakoe, Igbira, Igala, Orri, Dakarkaki, Tuareg



Betrothed girls and boys (for boys between ages 10-16), youth are “definitely encouraged” to practice an equivalent of the Hausa tsaranchi, “ “cuddling”, or sexual freedom stopping just short of penetration”. “Some girls may have as many as ten lovers in this way before marriage or cohabitation with their betrothed husband, and a young woman who was popular with the opposite sex before marriage wares, after marriage, a cock’s womb of white metal in her hair in commemoration of her pre-marital success” (Harris, 1938:p137-8)[1].

“Girls are married both before and after puberty […]. They have strict sexual taboos and the boys and unmarried men sleep together in a Bachelor’s hall […]”[2].












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Last revised: Sept 2004


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