Growing Up Sexually





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Featured: Badjju, Nupe, Hausa, Kadara, Kagoro, Efik, Tiv, Kanuri, Ijaw/ Ijo, Bini, Marghi, Jekri, Lala, Kofjar, Ibibio, Woodabe Fulani, Borroro Fulani, Ibo[ Afikpo Igbo, Asaba Ibo], Rukuba, Irigwe, Yakoe, Igbira, Igala, Orri, Dakarkaki


“The sexes fall in love with one another just as Europeans do, and there is the same intrigue, squeezing and cuddling and loving embraces, but there is no kissing. Free girls are not given in marriage until arrived at the age of nominal puberty, i.e., when the pubic hair begins to grow [[1]]. […] A girl child can be kept for a man to be his wife when grown up; juju [[2]] is made to keep her virtuous, but as a rule women are not chaste until married” (Granville and Roth, 1899:p107)[3].













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Last revised: Sept 2004


[1] There was no nominal time reckoning.

[2] Medicines, charms.

[3] Granville, R. K. & Roth, F. N. (1899) Notes on the Jekris, Sobos and Ijos of the Warri District of the Niger Coast Protectorate, J Anthropol Instit Great Britain & Ireland 28,1/2:104-26