Growing Up Sexually



SEBEI (Uganda)


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Featured: Ik, Gisu, Acholi, Sebei, Bahima/Bahuma [Hima, Bahuma Bajoro], Bachiga, Lango, Nkole, Ganda, Kiziba, Lugbara, Jie, Iteso, Bwamba, Baamba, So, Guang


“Girls of about eight cut scars on their bodies in rows extending from just below the ribs to the abdomen and raise keloids, which are considered sexually exciting to their lovers later on (Goldschmidt, 1976:p264)[1]. Fantasy play of children indicates the early adaptation of sex-related social roles; “they also indulge in sex play” (p265). After 1930, sex was a “major occupation” for adolescents, although pregnancy before circumcision is still considered very bad (p204).









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Last revised: Sept 2004


[1] Goldschmidt, W. R.. (1976) Culture and Behavior of the Sebei. Berkeley [etc.]: University of California Press