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Featured: Ik, Gisu, Acholi, Sebei, Bahima/Bahuma [Hima, Bahuma Bajoro], Bachiga, Lango, Nkole, Ganda, Kiziba, Lugbara, Jie, Iteso, Bwamba, Baamba, So, Guang


“Usually marriage negotiations are entered into only when all the parents concerned have indicated their approval. Already when she is between seven and ten years a girl may be given a bracelet as a sign of engagement. From then onwards she is watched by her future husband, e.g., to prevent her from meeting other boys” (Heine, 1985:p11)[1].








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Last revised: Sept 2004


[1] Heine, B. (1985) The Mountain People: some notes on the Ik of north-eastern Uganda, Africa55,1:3-16