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Featured: Ik, Gisu, Acholi, Sebei, Bahima/Bahuma [Hima, Bahuma Bajoro], Bachiga, Lango, Nkole, Ganda, Kiziba, Lugbara, Jie, Iteso, Bwamba, Baamba, So, Guang

Mushanga (1973:p181)[1]: “Mothers are very anxious to observe penile erections of their sons to assure themselves that the little ones are potent. Should erections be absent on several mornings, not only the mother but also the father will begin to search for a remedy. […] Young boys of twelve begin to acquire sexual experiences as they begin to associate with their older siblings or friends. Play begins with imitating marriage arrangements when boys are out in the bush herding goats or cows with girls”.









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Last revised: Sept 2004


[1] Mushanga, M. T. (1973) The Nkole of South-Western Uganda, in Molnos, A. (Ed.) Cultural Source Materials for Population Planning in East Africa.University of Nairobi, Institute of African Studies.Vol. 3, p174-86