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Middleton (1973:p292, 294-5)[1]: “Groups of sisters begin to accept lovers from about the age of 10 until their marriages three or four years later. They sleep at night in a special girls’ hut under the care of an old widow and receive boys for whom they “place their arms” ”. Intercourse is formally forbidden.

“Boys marry, if rich, at puberty; if poor, later. Girls may be pledged (betrothed before puberty in respect of a debt which the father has contracted, in which case if she is willing, on reaching a marriageable age he gives her to the creditor’s son”. Before marriage, “[…] there is some looseness amongst themselves, though there is a fine of a goat or a hen for any lapse discovered” (McConnell, 1925)[2].







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Last revised: Sept. 2004


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