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Featured: Ik, Gisu, Acholi, Sebei, Bahima/Bahuma [Hima, Bahuma Bajoro], Bachiga, Lango, Nkole, Ganda, Kiziba, Lugbara, Jie, Iteso, Bwamba, Baamba, So, Guang



“No specific training or instruction is given children, except in manners. A little girl is taught how to sit modestly […]. A girl’s sex attitudes are developed quite early. Her first lesson is in sitting modestly. She is forced to change many of her ways with the approach of puberty. […] Her father and brothers chaperon her rigidly. All this in preparation for marriage to a total stranger, involving a disagreeable, lengthy, and very trying ceremony culminating in institutionalized rape. The boys’ introduction to sex is quite different. It is casual and gradual” (Edel, 1937:p148, 151)[1]. However, children’s play activities are not interfered with.









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Last revised: Sept 2004


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