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Horsfall (2000)[1]:

“Both boys and girls are circumcised, although the physical effects are far less severe for boys than for girls. Among the Sabiny, the type of FGM practiced is excision, where the clitoris and labia minora are cut away. "Spontaneous infibulation," the knitting together of the wound through scar tissue, often occurs, but no stitching is traditionally involved to close the wound. It is considered the female parallel to male circumcision. The results are both psychological and physical. Some die from bleeding. Contacting HIV is not uncommon due to the use of unsterilized equipment. Others experience severe pain, infection and lameness. Intercourse is painful and labor can be hazardous. Prior to cutting some girls are in secondary school, with fees paid by their families. After being cut, girls usually drop out and get married”.





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[1] Horsfall, S. (2000) Female Genital Mutilation and Associated Gender and Political Issues among the Sabiny of Uganda. Online paper,