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Grigson (1938:p268-9)[1]stated that a few Hill Maria practised the ghotul in a similar manner as the Muria tribes. Girls assembled every evening by the boys’ dormitory to join in song, dance and games, including sexual games. The girls had ghotul names and responsibilities just as the boys did, and the elder boys and girls were charged with teaching the young the elements of tribal culture.

Hill Maria girls associated with boys at an early age. Children were expected to attend the dormitories beginning at the age of eleven or twelve. All boys assembled at the dormitory in the evening for dancing, games and social or sexual training, sleeping on there after the departure of the girls to their homes late in the night. Every girl attended the boy’s dormitory every night and had her boy friend to serve. Each girl paired off with a boy of a clan that was eligible for marriage. The girls combed their boys’ hair and massaged their arms and legs, danced with them, were initiated into the mysteries of sex with them. According to numerous informants, they often had sexual intercourse together and were expected to ultimately marry their mate. Marriage frequently followed these dormitory unions, but by no means always.









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Last revised: Sept 2004


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