GAROS (India)

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Among the Garos, conjungal coitus is said to be delayed until puberty[1]. Dalton (1872:p64, as cited by Ronhaar)[2] reports “no restriction to innocent intercourse”, boys and girls freely mixing during field labour. Sinha (1966:p43)[3] remarked: “I have seen boys aged from four to seven years playing with bitches, as if performing sexual intercourse. In two or three cases, I noticed the penis of the boy erected, which he was pressing near the vulva of the bitch. On one occasion, I found a boy doing the same with a she-goat”. The adults regard it as nonsexual imitation of animal copulation[4], and joke about it. Masturbation[5] and homosexuality are said to be unknown, while “children are not known to indulge in heterosexual intercourse or sexual play till they are physically grown up”(Goswami and Majumdar, 1968:p56-7, 59)[6], despite ample opportunity for conversational instruction. Instead, “Young girls are occasionally married before puberty, and in such cases husbands copulate with them before the attainment of puberty. It is, however, believed that girls before puberty cannot retain the seeds deposited by the male. There is no taboo against sexual act with girls who have yet to attain puberty”.










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