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VEDA (India, Sri Lanka)

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Veda child marriage was said to be consummated before puberty (Metschnikoff, [1910:p117])[1]. Shashi (1978:p48)[2]: “The young children start their sexual activities by massaging the older children, and are only then “initiated” into actual intercourse. Intercourse begins at age 5 or 6, initiated by an adolescent or adult: “A big girl teaches a little boy by letting him fondle her breasts and hug her. Then she opens and spreads her legs and makes the little boy lie on her breasts. She shows him how to open her clothes and insert the little penis with his hand””.


“Marriage takes place at an early age; it is said that girls sometimes married before puberty, and as we heard this at Henebedda, Bandaraduwa, and Onuni, we see no reason to doubt the truth of this statement. We are indebted to Mr. Frederick Lewis for the information that this is a common practise among Tamils”[3].











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Last revised: Sept 2004


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