Growing Up Sexually


West Punjabi: 3-,3-,3+,4+,4,4;2,2)

PUNJABI (Pakistan, India)



According to Eglar (1960:p92)[1], “[…] marriage is consummated only after [a girl] passed puberty and is between fifteen and eighteen years old”. Among rural Punjabi, marriage takes place on average some four years after menarche[2]. Another study, however found that the mean marriage age of 35-55 year old women was slightly higher than menarche age (mean age at menarche 14.31; mean age at marriage 14.60 years)[3].

As detailed to some extent by Rose[4], “[t]he age at which betrothal may be effected is not fixed, and it varies among different tribes and in different localities, so that it is impossible to generalize regarding it” (p417). Dehli Muhammadans would practice prenatal betrothal (Rose,1917:p53-4)[5].








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Last revised: Sept 2004


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