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Maragoli girls often participate in sex play with boys, although intercourse does not take place until after puberty” (Brockman, 1997)[1]. “Bei den Margoli heißt das Onanieren der Mädchen Kuikunda kitere” (d.h. Koitieren mit dem Finger), im Gegensatz zu dem der KnabenKuueniola”. In dieser Bezeichnung des Verbums ist die Technik der weiblichen Masturbation angegeben” (Bryk, 1928:p118). Maragoli children sleep separated from the age of seven, boys in a hut, girls with an elderly couple or widow/widower (Lukalo, 1973:p141)[2]. From the age of eight, girls and boys may sleep in a dormitory. “The age when a girl starts sexual relations is undefined. A girl was exposed to it the moment spending the night in the dormitory with the others. Playing with boys of the same age after dark (on the way to the dormitory) could have been the starting point”. “As in the case of girls, sexual relations for a boy could start during puberty and, in some cases, even before, part of the impulse stemming from the fact that today children share sleeping accommodation with parents”[3]. Sex was to be kept secret, and done in the bush or girl’s dormitory. The boy is circumcised just after puberty, but has to await the “circle”.












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Last revised: Sept 2004


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