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Featured : Pokomo, Amwimbe, Kore, Kuria, Masai, N’Jemp, Ariaal Rendille, Kamba, Tiriki, Chuka, Maragoli, Kikuyu, Kipsigis, Gusii, Luo, Meru, Samburu, Tuken, Nandi; ®Iteso


“In Lamu, marriages among the Afro-Arabs, Hadrami, Bohra Indians, and ex-slaves are arranged by their parents. Afro-Arab, Hadrami, and Indian girls are kept in seclusion after they reach puberty, and when they go out they wear a builbui (chador-like black garment that covers their entire body and includes a veil which they hold over their faces” (Curtin, 1985:p463)[1]. The Kore were not veiled, and courtship was a matter of the lovers. “The Kore perform clitoridectomy on their girls at an early age- between one and three years” (p467).











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Last revised: Sept 2004


[1] Curtin, P. R. (1985) Generations of Strangers: The Kore of Lamu, Int J Afr Hist Studies 18,3:455-72