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Janssen, D. F., Growing Up Sexually. 0.2 ed. 2004-5. Berlin: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology. Last revised: Apr 2005



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§         GUS (Growing Up Sexually) thematic bibliographies were collected in the course of the project (2002-2004), and hosted as “Volume III” as of November 2004. Included bibliographies support and add to discussions of topics issued previously in thematic Volume 2 (old PDF). Bibliographies will be occasionally updated. Any additions to the current corpus will be documented in the What’s New page.


§         Download interim Volume 3 in PDF (2nd edition, March 2005; 4.5 Mb). Please note that htm bibliographies are likely to be expanded since the PDF edition’s compilation. Please revisit for edition 3, scheduled end of 2005.


§         Aggregate interim bibliographies for Volumes I and II are not included; interim versions were incorporated in GUS HTML version (v.0.0) (as linked from Volume 1 page). Also note three regional bibliographies supporting Volume 1 chapters (New Guinea, Indonesia, Aboriginal Australia).


§         Outlinks have not necessarily been checked since having been added, which may be as far back as early 2002. Please report dead links:


§         Please suggest a reference:


§         Bibliographies have previously been maintained in Project Growing Up Sexually. For even more bibliographies see Homepage (outlink).


§         (Partial) reproductions are permitted if and only if acknowledgement and/or a link to the original page is supplied.


§         General note: I do not feel the need to account for, endorse or propagandise any of the references I collect below, in terms of thematics, perspective nor inclusivity.



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Janssen, D. F., Growing Up Sexually. 0.2 ed. 2004. Berlin: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology

Last revised: Oct 2005