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The obsolete structure of the “0.0” edition (online as of January 2003) of Growing Up Sexually Volume I will remain available for purposes of viewing and printing. An old PDF version can be downloaded by clicking here. The new version is indexed here. The old index is reproduced below. Please note that the 0.2 structure as linked from here contains updated information and a more customised interface. The editions are not mutually crosslinked other than unilaterally and through this page. Please note that in the following pages some crosslinks may not be working due to the upgrade.


Original Index





Integral Atlas Bibliography. Atlas references included (2002 and earlier).

Additional Bibliographycovering numeric references to early life sexual behaviour. Includes references not covered by the Atlas.


World Atlas


Sub-Saharan Africa [supra-Saharan Africa included in "Middle East" Section]

Russia (Soviet) 

Middle East and Asia

    Middle East, Near Asia, Supra-Saharan Africa, Islamic World

    Asia. Specific sections for:

                India, Pakistan, Bangladesh  


Indigenous Oceania. Specific sections for:

    Insular Pacifics, Non-Australian Oceania

    New Guinea

    Aboriginal Australia [Nonaboriginal Australia included in "Additional Western Nations" section]


North America

                               North American Natives

Nonnative North America

                Caribbean, Central America

               South America


    Europe, History. General Historical References

    Europe. Contemporary and Nationally Specific Historical References

Additional Western Nations (including Canada; Nonaboriginal Australia)




Geo-/Ethnographic Index. Not interactive in digital edition.




SCCS and Other Ratings.

Adapted with kind permission of the Editor of Ethnology

Time/Space Specifications

Adapted with kind permission of the Editor of World Cultures.





Janssen, D. F., Growing Up Sexually. 0.2 ed. 2004. Berlin: Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology

Last revised: Feb 2005