Growing Up Sexually





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Two-versions of Alur sexual development are provided by Enry (1971:p112-7; 1977:p355-61). Sexuality should serve procreation, and discussion of sexual matters is considered a sign of bad education. Children and adolescents are not to know anything, and are to grow up “dans une innocence absolute”. Sexual games are at least feared by parents who shield pubertal children from younger ones, lest they partake in outlawed amusements called tuko cung’kol, so to speak, “le jeu dans les déchets de millet”. Sex education is not offered, and libidinous or obscene tendencies are not tolerated. Some clues to marital life are finally offered by the paternal aunt (to girls) past the age of twenty, and to boys. Genital touching is forbidden from infancy on. Children might join the bachelor’s hut (od ubire) from age 6-7.










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