Sexual Revolution and Reproductive Revolution



The sexual revolution of the 20th century includes women’s liberation, gay liberation, reforms of criminal and civil laws, revision of diagnostic handbooks and much more.






Sexual Revolution and Reproductive Revolution

There is no doubt that the separation of sex and reproduction will eventually revolutionize all our lives. Once sexual intercourse no longer leads to unwanted pregnancies, and the conception of each child is a matter of conscious choice, the attitude of sexual partners toward each other is bound to change. Most probably there will be more mutual understanding and co-operation between the sexes. Many couples already plan their families together and share the experience of the woman's pregnancy all the way through the delivery of the baby. Modern hospitals encourage expectant fathers to remain present during the process of birth and also offer instruction in child care to both parents. These shared interests and responsibilities may soon make the traditional social roles of males and females obsolete and, for the first time in human history, lead to full sexual equality.

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