Reproduction and Morality 2



生殖与道德 2

Pre-historic cave painting, Africa.



Reproduction and Morality 2

There have been peoples on this planet who were quite unaware of the fact that pregnancies are caused by sexual activity. They assumed that a spirit entered the female body where it then grew into a child. Obviously, such an assumption had to lead to a sexual morality very different from our own. A man who has never heard of the connection between sex and reproduction is, of course, free to enjoy sexual intercourse for its own sake. His attitude may change only when the connection is pointed out to him. Thus, the end of his ignorance could also mean a reappraisal of his moral values. Indeed, he could possibly end up adopting the sexual standards of our society. On the other hand, if, after some time, he should also discover that he is infertile, he might find the newly adopted morality irrelevant and return to his former value system. He would just realize that, in his particular case, there was no connection between sex and reproduction after all.

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