原著:[]歐文黑伯樂(Erwin Haeberle);譯者:[中國]彭曉輝;校對者:[]阮芳賦

Original: Erwin Haeberle [Germany];  Translator: Xiaohui Peng [China];  Reviser:  Fang-fu Ruan [USA]


I. 先行者 (古代 - 1892)

II. 先驅者(1896 - 1936)

III. 現代的性研究 (1938 - 2005)


Chronology of Sex Research

The following superficial, unavoidably incomplete and, in part, arbitrary chronology is meant, above all, to illustrate the interdisciplinary character of sexology. It may also indicate how its development is interwoven with the political and social movements and intellectual fashions of the various historical periods.


I. Predecessors (Antiquity - 1892)

II. Pioneers (1896 - 1936)

III. Modern Sex Research (1938 - 2005)