Growing Up Sexually



TURU (Tanzania




Featured: Swahili, Wanguru, Turu, Kwere, Shambala

, Ngindo, Chagga, Bena, Nyamwezi, Luguru, Kaguru, Sukuma, Subiya, Ngulu, Hehe, Barabaig, Nyakyusa, Gogo, Baraguyu;® Kuria, ®Masai



“The Turu of Tanzania enjoy sexual license during the puberty ceremony of their teenage boys. On the first day’s festivities, extramarital lovers dance to imitate intercourse and sing songs extolling the penis, vagina, and copulation. If these dances are not “hot”, or full of sexual passion, as the Turu say, the celebration will be a failure. That evening sweethearts consummate what they have suggested all day”[1].












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Last revised: Sept 2004


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