Growing Up Sexually



NGINDO (Tanzania




Featured: Swahili, Wanguru, Turu, Kwere, Shambala

, Ngindo, Chagga, Bena, Nyamwezi, Luguru, Kaguru, Sukuma, Subiya, Ngulu, Hehe, Barabaig, Nyakyusa, Gogo, Baraguyu;® Kuria, ®Masai

Traditional education was tied to circumcision, scheduled in adulthood, or at least “past puberty”(Crosse-Upcott, 1959:p169, 184)[1].”Now on the contrary the initiates are mere children on whom many of the ritual lessons, and in particular the formal instruction in such matters as sex, are altogether lost”.











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Last revised: Sept 2004


[1] Crosse-Upcott, A. R. W. Male Circumcision Among the Ngindo, J Anthropol Instit Great Britain & Ireland 89,2:169-89