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G/wi girls are married at age 7-9, boys at about 14-15 (Silberbauer, 1963[1]; Singer, 1978:p126-7[2]; Campbell, 1967:p42[3]). Coitus does not begin until the girl is 11 or 12, when her breasts begin to develop, i.e., prior to menarche. Prior to this time, a husband may, although rarely so, be sexually active with an unattached older woman. The Bushchildren play house (Silberbauer, 1965:p79)[4], though no sexual implications are indicated. From age 5 or 6 on, the girl is exposed to the conversation of adult women during food gathering, which is “far from inhibited”. Girls marry at age 7 to 9, to boys aged seven years more (p81), and without much of a ceremony. “Sexual intercourse commences only after the first couple of years of marriage, when the girl’s breasts begin to develop”; if she is slow to mature, “her husband rather coyly admits his impatience” (p83). There is no special recognition of defloration.












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Last revised: Sept 2004


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