Growing Up Sexually





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According to Roscoe[1], “[t]here are no [marriage] arrangements between the young people until after puberty; the advances are made by the men, who approach the women, though there is no notion of love between the parties. It is purely a financial transaction between the elders or parents of the couple, though a man seeks to find a woman who is strong and able to work to be his partner” (p182-3). Boys and girls are initiated with genital operations (circumcision, labiotomy); after the evening dances that follow “[…] there is the fullest license given to both sexes, men and women have promiscuous intercourse without any restraint” (p187). Boys and girls are nude until the initiation/puberty.









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Last revised: Sept 2004


[1] Roscoe, J. (1909) Notes on the Bageshu, J Royal Anthropol Instit Great Britain & Ireland 39:181-95