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Declarations of Human, Sexual, and Reproductive Rights:

  1. Abortion: Rights and Ethical Issues (GRHF)
  2. A New Bill of Sexual Rights and Responsibilities
  3. European Human Rights Convention
  4. Girls' Bill of Rights
  5. International Bill of Gender Rights
  6. IPPF Sexual & Reproductive Rights Charter
  7. Magna Charta of Human Sexual Rights (on our own website) /GESUND/ARCHIV/MAGNA.HTM
  8. Manifesto of the 1996 Tongzhi Conference
  9. Reproductive Rights: Information (GRHF)
  10. The LBG Students' Bill of Educational Rights
  11. UN Convention to Eliminate Discrimination Against Women
  12. UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  13. UN Declarations of Human Rights
  14. See also the criticism of the UN Declaration of Human Rights by René Guyon.
  15. WAS Declaration on Sexual Rights (on our own website) /GESUND/ARCHIV/DECL13E.HTM
  16. World Charter For Prostitutes' Rights
  17. WHO Declaration of Sexual Rights 2002
  18. International Service for Human Rights (ISHR): The Yogyakarta Principles

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Declaraciones de los derechos humanos, sexuales y reproductivos:

  1. WAS Declaración sobre los Derechos Sexuales, 29 de Junio de 1997 (sobre nuestro website propio)
  2. ONU - Derechos humanos
  3. Derechos humanos y la denegacion de la libertad sexual (sobre nuestro website propio)

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Menschenrechte und sexuelle Rechte:

  1. WAS-Erklärung sexueller Rechte

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Déclaration des droits de l'homme etc.

  1. ONU Droits de l'homme

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