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Magna Charta of Human Sexual Rights

First Sketch of a Declaration of Sexual and Generative Basic Rights

The following preliminary sketch was written by Rudolf Goldscheid who first presented it to the 4th congress of the World League for Sexual Reform (WLSR) in Vienna 1930. It is the first document speaking of "human rights" in this context and specifically demanding "sexual rights" for both men and women as well as for all sexual and reproductive minorities.
(The revised, if still sketchy, version below was published in "SEXUS: Organ of the WLSR", Nr. 1, 1933, pp. 4-5. Translated from the original German by E. J. Haeberle.)
  1. The right to sexual self-determination and the right to one's own body. Self-determination with regard to procreation.
  2. The right of both men and women to find sexual satisfaction within as well as outside of marriage.
  3. The rights regarding marriage and its dissolution.
  4. Thr right to motherhood and to the protection of mothers.
  5. The rights of unmarried mothers.
  6. The rights of children born within and outside of marriage.
  7. Human rights before birth.
  8. The right of the sexes to political, economic, and social equality.
  9. The rights of sexual minorities.
  10. The basic sexual rights of the generatively unfit and disabled.
  11. The basic sexual rights of prisoners.
  12. The sexual and generative responsibilities of the individual and of society.

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