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(Thsi-Speakers, Tallensi, Akan, / ASHANTI, Fanti, Kokomba, (S)Isala, Ga, Ewe, Vagla, Krobo

Among the Tshi-speaking people, a girl was publicly advertised for marriage at puberty (age 11-12) by being paraded through the streets decked out in ornaments. Lateral betrothals frequently take place before puberty and sometimes before birth[1].

According to Ellis (1887:p128)[2], the violation of children by men is only too common on the Gold Coast. Family tutelary deities are the special protectors of chastity of girls before puberty (beginning at age 11 or 12). A family deity appoints a spirit to walk behind each girl. At puberty its duties end. Barrenness is commonly thought to be due to prepubertal sexual intercourse (ibid.).





















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