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Young children who indulge in heterosexual play are “shamed by the older boys for ignoring the proprieties of privacy” (Goldman, 1963:p181)[1]. “Girls undergo digital defloration at the age of eight, I was told. An old man of the sib who is no longer virile is charged with this task. He is said to stretch the young girl's vagina until he can insert three fingers. He then announces, “You are a woman”. The Cubeo say that if a girl should reach her first menstruation with her hymen intact coitus will ever after be painful for her and she will have difficulties during parturition. Digital defloration is a secret act; officially, the Cubeo credit the moon with the act. The moon copulates at night with a young girl and brings on her first menstruation. Thus, a prepubescent girl is referred to as paúnwe bebíko (one who has not yet copulated with the moon)” (p179-80).







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Last revised: Sept 2004


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