Growing Up Sexually



CROW(North-American Natives)


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Some of the unilaterally male freedom is reviewed by Voget (1961:p99-100)[1][53]: “Sexual contests of one kind or another were conducted by Crow gangs. The erect penis would be measured against that of another claimant to determine the larger and they would divide according to clans and bet on champions who would attach a line to the penis and then drag a stone as far as possible. Like the Mohave, Crow youths would bet on ejaculation distance. A large penis was prized and preadolescents would pull on the pubic hair to stimulate growth and sometimes they would put on an irritating plant juice on the penis to make it swell. […]. Crow boys of 8 and 9 were invited by pubescent and sometimes older girls to urinate in lieu of ejaculation”.Crow Indian children would play “wife abduction” (Lowie, 1935 [1956:p38])[2][54]. “In the formative years [childhood] sexual interest was left to the boys and girls, who formed their own gangs and united to play at breaking, moving and pitching camp like married couples. […] once he was six or seven a brother could no longer play with or be alone with a sister, for this would mean that he did not hold her in respect (Voget, 1964:p495)[3][55]. “A grandmother, especially from a better family, was much interested in the virtue of her granddaughter, and might instruct her in the wearing of a “chastity belt”(p497)[4][56].












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Last revised: Sept 2004


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