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HURON (North-American Natives)


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Sagard (1632, II:p160, as cited by Ronhaar and Tooker)[1][83] speaks of “very early” immorality and prostitution. Talbot (1949:p58, as cited by Mees[2])[3] claimed that "[...] females prostituted themselves as early as they could, and fathers and mothers were panderers for their own daughters". As reviewed by Mees, "[t]he Huron were very open about their sexuality. They engaged in sexual expression soon after puberty and premarital sexual relations were considered to be perfectly normal [Trigger][4]. Promiscuity was characteristic of if not encouraged among the youth. Each village had its ‘procurers’ whose sole occupation was to bring young men and women together for intercourse [Anderson][5]".













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Last revised: Sept 2004


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