Growing Up Sexually





YUROK (North-American Natives)


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Erikson[1][122] (p87-8) observed that “[…] sex as such is viewed with leniency and some humor. Masturbation, for example, is admitted, but said to yield to a mild discouraging attitude. The Yurok do not expressly approve of, nor are they insensitive to, the habits of self-indulgence which have so prominent a place in the clinical complaints of parents in our culture. […] In adolescence, when the relationship to the opposite sex becomes important, the young York can look back on a childhood of free play with other children, during which at least the body surface of the other sex had in no way remained a secret. By the time the girl had passed the menarchy [sic] and in some ways becomes more secretive […], the heterosexual relationship has already found a firm place within the established system of property values, based as it is on the modes of considered intake and clever retentiveness”.













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Last revised: Sept 2004


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