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Oliver (1955:p141)[1]:


“[…] as soon as the child begins to toddle it is conditioned for the sex role it will play in everyday occupations and in the sex act. By the time little boys try to climb palm trees and little girls walk about carrying toy baskets they sometimes enliven their game of “house” by pretending to copulate, imitating either parents or dogs, both of whom they have ample opportunity to observe in or around the hamlet house. However, their period of innocent sex play is not allowed to continue for long; their elders- although privately enjoying it as a great joke- put a stop to such antics with scowls and admonishments of “that’s wicked” or “that’s incestuous”, so that the youngsters learn speedily that copulation is something important but must not be imitated in public, and particularly not with certain females. At that point, also, parents realize that they must in future be more circumspect in their own sex relations”.


In the rest of childhood, the children are conditioned not to regard sex differences in terms of coitus.












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[1] Oliver, D. L. (1955) A SolomonIsland Society. Cambridge: HarvardUniversity Press