Growing Up Sexually





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Valiente-Noailles (1993)[1] states that boys are taught sexual matters by their fathers and girls by their mothers, although much teaching is not necessary because “children, when we think they are asleep, see many things”. In addition, girls are formally taught during the pubertal ritual. “The important rule is that no sex is allowed before the girls have reached puberty [[2]]. From then on it does not matter if she has sexual intercourse “with whoever she loves”. The loss of virginity has no special significance” (p98). Much openness in sexual discussions is noted by Dornan (1925:p128)[3].








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Last revised: Sept 2004


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[2] However, parents do seem to oppose premarital sex (p131-2).

[3] Dornan, S. S. (1925) Pygmies and Bushmen of the Kalahari. London: Seeley. In this respect: “All that can be said is that from our point of view they are children of nature”.