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The Fang are sometimes married before birth. Complete sexual licence exists before and after betrothal (Balandier, 1955 [1970:p123])[1]. Trézenem (1936)[2] on the Fan (Gabon) speaks of coitus from the age of capacity. “Before marriage a girl can do nearly as she pleases. It is absolutely safe to state that it would be almost impossible to find a maiden in a Fang village over sixteen years of age”, according to Bennett[3].



Bwiti (religious movement among the Fang of Gabon


Fernandez (1982:p145-6)[4] noted coital doll play (bidzang) in the Bwiti. Another game called shale (p628n8) works as follows: “[The] children sit around spread-legged. A bystander- usually a man- then comes forward with a piece of wood or a stone in his fist. He thrusts his fist up between the legs of each in turn, leaving it under one. There is much giggling. He sings: “Trapdoor spider, trapdoor spider”, [salé] you are very foolish! Hide this for me”. Now another player comes out from a hut and attempts to guess where the object is hidden. As he reaches up between the legs, the seated player attempts to grab him”.








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Last revised: Sept 2004


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