További olvasmányok

További olvasmányok

I. In Our Online Library
The various books and papers in our online library provide additional information that may be useful to students of our curriculum. Since the texts were written by different authors at different times, they occasionally also differ in their terminology and, in some cases, even use obsolete or inappropriate terms and expressions. Nevertheless, they can still round out the basic content of this course.

  1. Robert T. Francoeur, ed.
    The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality
    Click on “Subjects” and then read “10. Sexually Transmitted Diseases” and
    “11. HIV/AIDS” in 63 countries from Argentina to Vietnam

  2. néhány részletet az alábbi enciklopédiából, online könyvtárunkban:
    Haeberle, Bullough and Bullough, eds.
    Human Sexuality: An Encyclopedia
    AIDS and HIV Infection
    AIDS, Religion, and Sexual Orientation
    Morrow, Prince A., and The Social Hygiene Movement
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases

II. External Links
Some of our courses already contain external links that offer more detailed information on specific subjects. Here we add an extended list of such links. As will be seen, they do not present a unified picture. Many provide objective scientific information, but others are the work of advocacy groups reflecting their specific goals and concerns. Some are deliberately polemical, and quite a few disagree with each other. In short, our external links do not necessarily express the views of the author of this course, and listing them here does not imply an endorsement (see also our Disclaimer). Obviously, the content of these external sites is the work of their authors for which the Archive for Sexology accepts no responsibility. However, taken together, the sites can be useful in stimulating classroom discussion and in deepening the students’ understanding of the complexity of the issues involved. Taking note of them may be especially appropriate at the graduate level.

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