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In recent years, not only female, but also male prostitution has seen an expansion of electronic business opportunities. In fact, male electronic prostitution, while never as extensive as its female counterpart, has also grown into a sizable industry. Again, it is not possible here do offer an adequate discussion, but the following few examples may illustrate at least the most important developments.

Telephone sex
“Gay” telephone sex works the same way as that between females and males: The caller is connected to a recording or to a live male with whom he can interact acustically. The mode of payment is also the same: Credit card or special telephone rates. However, there is also telephone sex between “ordinary men” who do not charge each other anything, although, in some cases, an agency charges a fee for establishing the connection. Again, the new picture cell phones could add a new dimension to the practice.

Still photos, films and videos
Pre-recorded sexually explicit materials belong more to the category of pornography than that of prostitution. There are some exceptions, but, as a rule, the connection between sexual service and payment is too indirect.

Webcams that are not interactive
Some live webcam transmissions are sexually explicit, but not interactive. They nevertheless fit the definition of prostitution.The viewer cannot influence the activity, but he can make a selection from a wide menu of offers and can choose the one most likely to meet his sexual preferences. He then also pays for the service per credit card.

Interactive and communicating webcams
There are also live webcam transmissions of males who interact with their male viewers. These can make their wishes known per e-mail or talk to the performers directly, just as they would in a video conference. Undoubtedly, we are dealing here with a new form of prostitution that, over the next few years, may develop in surprising directions.

Web site of a “gay” webcam agency
Such agencies provide connections to single males or male couples who, for a fee, are willing to performs sexual acts in front of their webcams. As the site indicates, they may also be available for personal interactive encounters. (In order to avoid easy identification, the name and the design have been changed. However, the text is authentic.)

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