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The “Classic” Dysfunctions - The Treatment of Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Unsatisfactory Timing of Orgasm - Treatment
Mutual Adjustment: The "Squeeze Technique"
The most important technique to be learned is the so-called "squeeze," which should be practised in the following way: The man lies on his back with his legs spread apart. The woman sits between his legs with her feet on each side of his torso. This position gives her hands free access to his sex organs. Using some massaging oil or body lotion, she then gently strokes his penis until he gets an erection. While the man remains relaxed and passive throughout, the woman continues to masturbate him until he approaches orgasm. (In order to do this properly, she should ask the man for instructions as to tempo and firmness of grip. Some men are more easily excited by slow, firm strokes; others like them light and quick. Also, as arousal progresses, the man may want a change of rhythm. Open and explicit verbal communication between the partners is therefore essential). As the man comes closer to orgasm, and just as he reaches his "point of no return," he signals the woman to apply the "squeeze". This whole exercise should then be repeated in at least two more special sessions.

Using the Squeeze Technique.
A man can learn to delay his orgasm by withdrawing his penis from the vagina whenever he feels he is approaching “the point of no return”, i.e. that his orgasm is near. He then asks the woman to squeeze the penis either just below the glans or at the base in the manner shown left. This will stop the approaching orgasm, and after that, the man can continue intercourse until he feels orgasm approaching again and wants the woman to apply another squeeze.

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