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Examination Questions - Multiple Choice
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1. Which of the following is not a medical emergency?
    testicular torsion

2. Which of the following conditions must be medically corrected in early childhood?
    undescended testicles

3. The letters PMDD stand for
    Premenstrual Depression Disorder
    Premenstrual Dizziness Dysfunction
    Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

4. Which of the following is helpful in alleviating PMS?
    keeping a menstrual diary
    avoiding sugary foods
    drinking coffee with every meal

5. Smegma is the name of
    substance that can accumulate under the foreskin of the penis
    a substance that can accumulate under the foreskin of the clitoris
    a secretion of the vaginal walls

6. Priapos is the name of
    the ancient Roman god of longevity
    the ancient Greek god of fertility
    the ancient Greek god of good health

7. In Plato's "Symposium", one of the guests explains that the human race originally had three sexes:  male, female, and androgynous. This guest is

8. The term "spermatocelectomy"refers to
    the male sterilization operation
    the microscopic examination of sperm cells
    the surgical removal of a spermatocele

9. Priapism can be caused by
    sickle-cell anemia
    overcomsumption of alcohol

10. A person with Klinefelter syndrome typically shows the following physical characteristics:
    short stature
    thin or absent beard growth
    wide hips

11. Testicular torsion is
    never painful
    found in men of any age
    unknown in young boys

12. A varicocele is characterized by
    a lowered temperature inside the scrotum
    a tangled mass of varicose veins
    a collection of fluid around one or both of the testicles

13. Hypospadia may be caused by
    prenatal hormonal problems
    an untreated paraphimosis
    genetic and environmental factors

14. The term "pubertal gynecomastia"refers to
    the development of facial hair in adolescent girls
    the male voice change during puberty
    the temporary enlargement of a boys breasts during puberty

15. A phimosis is
    rare in infant boys
    a medical emergency
    impossible after a circumcision

16. A person with Turner syndrome typically shows the following physical characteristics:
    a wide, shield-like chest
    long arms and legs
    a webbed neck

17. In medieval alchemy, the moon was the symbol of
    the philosopher's stone
    the female element

18. According to today's best estimates, the following number of newborns differ in their physical appearance from the expected typical female or male:
    1 in 100
    1 in 1000
    1 in 10 000

19. According to today's best estimates, the following number of children receive surgery to "normalize" the appearance of their sex organs:
    1 in 100
    1 in 1000
    1 in 10 000

20. Which of the following medical researchers has his name attached to male physical problem?
    Harry F. Klinefelter
    Henry Turner
    François Gigot de la Peyronie

21. A karyogram shows
    an ultrasound picture of a fetus
    an ordered set of chromosomes
    the analysis of a single chromosome

22. The acronym AIS stands for
    Acquired Immunedeficiency Syndrome
    Androgen Immunity Syndrome
    Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

23. World-wide, 5-Alpha Reductase Deficiency (5-ARD) is a very rare condition, but small clusters of it have been found in
    the Dominican Republic

24. Young men should perform a testicular self-examination
   once a month
   once every three months
   once a year

25. Which of the following conditions has a chromosomal cause?
    Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
    Turner Syndrome
    Klinefelter Syndrome

26. Parents who are both carriers of the CAH trait can transmit it to their children. The odds are
    1 in 2
    1 in 3
    1 in 4

27. Which of these hormones plays no role in CAH?

28. Intersexual conditions can be causes by
    hormonal factors
    dietary factors
    chromosomal factors

29. Which of the following religious traditions has made it difficult for intersexes to find social acceptance?

30. A varicocele can be treated by means of a
    varicocele embolization
    varicocele ligation

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