Long Essays

Topics for Long Essays: 3 out of 3

Please, write an essay on each of the three topics below.
Total available time: 3 hrs.


  1. Discuss the current critique of traditional medical practice with regard to intersexuality
  2. Discuss the current critique of our socio-cultural tradition with regard to a clear distinction between the sexes
  3. List and compare physical problems affecting the female and male sex organs and sexual responses.


  1. Discuss the physical, psychological, ethical, legal, and sociopolitical dimensions of intersexuality.
  2. Many aspects of human sexuality are matters of degree. Discuss this general observation in detail and give examples.
  3. In addition to the categories “male and “female”, some people demand the legal recognition of a third category “neither female or male” or “both female and male”. Discuss the possible consequences of fulfilling this demand.

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