A Moral Dilemma


A Moral Dilemma

Most people feel morally uncomfortable with abortion, even as they disapprove of forced motherhood. For many, abortion is an unfortunate bad choice at best, but they also fear that eliminating this choice by law would fail to solve the problem and would actually make it worse. Illegal abortions and unfit, resentful mothers would endanger many lives and cause much more human misery than any ban on abortion could possibly prevent. For example:

World-wide, nearly 80,000 women die every year and millions more suffer serious complications and disabilities from unsafe abortions. Such tragedies could be prevented by offering medically competent help*.

However, this "Pro Choice" argument is opposed by a "Pro Life" argument which wants to uphold the "sanctity of human life" at all cost. Clearly, there is no worthier cause. Indeed, in the final analysis, it is this very same motive of placing the highest possible value on human life that is inspiring both sides, in spite of their fundamental differences. A reconciliation between their opposing views seems unlikely. It is also obvious that the dilemma cannot be solved by science. There is no scientific way of deciding when a human life begins and under what conditions it may be taken. These are basically moral questions which have to be answered by the individual conscience.

*Sources: IPAS, IHCAR (Karolinska Institutet, University of Stockholm)

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