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 Vaginal lubrication is provided mainly by the greater vestibular (Bartholin's) glands.


 The uterus undergoes a series of contractions during orgasm.


 The degree of a woman's sexual pleasure depends on the distance of the clitoral glans from the vaginal opening.


 Boys can ejaculate before puberty.


 Boys can have orgasms before puberty.


 Girls can have orgasms before puberty.


 Some women ejaculate during orgasm.


 The hymen has no known physiological function.


 The clitoris increases in volume as a result of sexual stimulation.


 The Klinefelter syndrome is found only in girls.


 There is no refractory period in the sexual response of women.


 The sex of a one-month-old embryo can be determined by determining its primary sexual characteristics.


 Each human cell contains 46 chromosomes.


 Women do not have gonads.


 Most hymens have holes in them.


 The healthy male has two Y chromosomes.


 The size of a man's penis is hereditary.


 In males, orgasm and ejaculation are the same thing.


 In the course of her life, a woman may produce ca. 4000 mature eggs.


 The greater part of the semen is produced in the testicles.


 The secretions of the bulbourethral glands (Cowper's glands) can never contain sperm cells.


 The secretions of the greater vestibular glands (Bartholin's glands) can never contain sperm cells.


 The epididymis is ca. 20 feet (6 m) long.


 In a healthy penis there are two corpora spongiosa.


 A phimosis can be cured only after puberty.


 In older men, orgasms last longer.


 In older women, orgasms last longer.


 In older women, sexual excitement produces more vaginal lubrication.


 The external sex organs are also called secondary sexual characteristics.


 In general, boys reach puberty earlier than girls.


 As the name indicates, testosterone is produced only in the testicles.


 The castration of an adult male immediately eliminates his sexual capacity.


 A "chemical castration" is irreversible.


 A woman's fertile days are in the middle of her menstrual cycle.


 A woman's menopause begins after age 60.


 Masters & Johnson were the first to divide the human sexual reponse into four phases.


 With mounting sexual excitement, the glans of the clitoris protrudes more and more from under its hood.


 With mounting sexual excitement, the outer third of the vagina widens.


 In boys, the first sign of puberty is the growth of the testicles.


 A man can produce sperm cells all through his life.


 A woman can produce egg cells all through her life.


 The male body does not produce estrogens.


 Circumcision has no effect on a man's sexual capacity.


 The temperature inside the scrotum is higher than in the rest of the body.


 Sperm and semen are two words for the same thing.


 The penis and the clitoris are homologous structures.


 A fertilization is possible only within 24 hours after ovulation.


 Smegma can accumulate under the foreskins of both penis and clitoris.


 The average length of the unaroused vagina is ca. 10 inches.


 The vaginal walls are rich in nerve endings.