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Examination Questions - Multiple Choice

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 1. The average number of sperm cells in one ejaculation is
   200 000 000
   200 000
   20 000

 2. The term "retrograde ejaculation" refers to
   Delayed ejaculation
   Ejaculation before puberty
   Ejaculation into the bladder

 3. The term "phimosis" refers to
   A non-retractable foreskin
   An urethral opening below the glans
   An abnormally long foreskin

 4. Which of the following sexual responses are not analogous?
   Secretions from Cowper's glands - secretions from Batholin's
   Erection of the penis - lubrication of the vagina
   Loss of erection - retraction of clitoris under its hood

 5. A man who is castrated after the age of 30
   loses his fertility
   develops a high-pitched voice
   loses his hair

 6. The genital ducts are
   a system of ducts through which the vagina is lubricated
   a system of ducts through which sperm cells are transported for
        eventual ejaculation
   a system of ducts through which some women ejaculate

 7. Testosterone is produced by
   The adrenal glands
   The testicles
   The bulbourethral (Cowper's) glands

 8. The entire process of sperm production takes
   8 days
   16 days
   64 days

 9. An ovulation occurs about
   1 day before the next menstruation
   1 week before the next menstruation
   2 weeks before the next menstration

 10. Which of the following organs are not homologous?
   Ovaries - testicles
   Clitoris - prostate
   Labia minora (minor lips) - scrotum

 11. The epididymides are
   Tightly coiled tubes inside the testicle
   Collection tubes protruding from each side of the uterus
   Collection tubes lying on the surface of the testicle

 12. Which of the following are basic aspects of human sexuality?
   Sexual Orientation

 13. The letter "G" in the expression "G-spot" stands for
   De Graaf

 14. A women reaches her menopause usually at the age of

 15. The fertilization of an egg cell usually occurs in
   The lower part of the uterus
   The Graafian follicle
   The upper part of a Fallopian tube

 16. The term "endometrium" refers to
   The space between the vulva and the anus
   The lining of the vaginal walls
   The lining of the uterus

 17. Sperm cells are produced in
   The prostate
   The seminal vesicles
   The testicles

 18. During puberty, the female body changes occur in the following sequence:
   Enlargement of breasts, growth of pubic hair, first menstruation
   First menstruation, enlargement of breasts, growth of pubic hair
   Growth of pubic hair, first menstruation, enlargement of breasts

 19. During puberty, the male body changes occur in the following sequence:
   Growth of pubic hair, first ejaculation, growth of testicles
   First ejaculation, growth of testicles, growth of pubic hair
   Growth of testicles, growth of pubic hair, first ejaculation.

 20. Older men
   Are more likely to have multiple orgasms
   Gain more control over the timing of orgasm
   Need more time to obtain an erection

 21. Older women
   Experience vaginal lubrication more quickly
   Experience less intense contractions during orgasm
   Lose their ability to reach orgasm

 22. In determining a person's sex, one has to consider at least
   3 different factors
   5 different factors
   7 different factors

 23. In adults, the average lengh of an erect penis is:
   3-4 inches (7-10 cm)
   5-7 inches (13-18 cm)
   10-15 inches (25-38 cm)

 24. Which of the following is not a factor in determining a person's sex?
   Chromosomal sex
   Adrenal sex
   Orgasmic sex

 25. The pituitary gland is located
   near the kidneys
   near the base of the brain
   near the pubic bone.