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The museum is located in the ancient small town of Tongli, ca. 80km
(50 miles) West of Shanghai. The town has long been a favorite destination of Chinese tourists, because it boasts 20 important historical sites. Among these are several famous gardens, an island monastery, and numerous museums. With its canals, stone bridges, old tea houses, and traditional buildings, Tongli has preserved the charm of ancient China. Its latest attraction is the China Sex Museum. This museum had first opened a few years ago in Shanghai but now has found its ideal location on the tree-shaded campus of a former school for young women. The postal address is:

China Sex Museum
Tongli Town
Wu Jiang City
Jiang Su Province 215217
E-Mail: hongxia508@hotmail.com



Branch Museums:

The China Sex Museum maintains branch museums at the following locations in China:

  1. No. 2789, Bin Jiang Da Dao, Pudong, Shanghai.
  2. No 285, Qing Nian Road., Wuhan, Hubei Province.
  3. Zhe Ling Lake, Jiu Jiang, Jiangxi Province.
  4. Nu Er Cun, Tong Lu, Zhejiang Province.
  5. Da Tang Fu Rong Yuan, Que Jiang New Area, Xian, Shanxi Province.
  6. Dan Xia Mountain, Ren Hua, Guangdong Province.