October/November 2007: Visit to China

At the invitation of some Chinese colleagues, Prof. Haeberle and his research assistant Gene G. Bernal visited China from October 20 - November 30. It was his 6th trip to China since 1989. They first stayed at the China Sex Museum in Tongli, where they exchanged valuable gifts with the directors Prof. Liu Dalin and Dr. Hu Hongxia and worked on several common projects. In Tongli, Prof. Haeberle also met with Prof. Peng Xiaohui from Wuhan, the translator of our web site into Chinese. In addition, Prof. Haeberle lectured in two larger cities - at a men’s hospital in Wuxi and at a women’s hospital at Wujiang, using the Chinese version of his online courses.

At the entrance of the China Sex Museum in Tongli. From the left: Prof. Haeberle, Dr. Hu, Prof. Liu, G.Bernal

In the garden of the museum:
Prof. Haeberle, Prof. Peng

At the entrance of a branch of the China Sex Museum in Pudong (Shanghai). From the left: G. Bernal, Prof. Haeberle, Prof. Liu

Prof. Haeberle, Dr. Hu, and Prof. Liu in front of a poster announcing their lectures in Wuxi

Lunch in Wujiang: Center, sitting next to Prof. Liu: Ms. Zhang Xinhua, director of the Wujiang Population and Family Planning Committee.
Standing behind her: G. Bernal, Prof. Haeberle

Official letter recommending our online courses.
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On November 11, Prof. Haeberle delivered a 90-minute keynote address to a women’s health conference at Shu-Te University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan: “A Brief History of Female Sexuality”. Following this conference, he gave a series of graduate seminars in the university’s sexology program in cooperation with our advisory board member Prof. Ruan Fang-fu. For this, a new version of our web site in traditional Chinese script proved very useful.

Program cover of the conference on women’s health at Shu-Te University.
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Prof. Haeberle after his keynote address with Prof. Ruan (left) and Prof. Edwin H. Yen (right) from the National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei

Prof. Haeberle with some of his students.

Prof. Ruan and Prof. Haeberle visiting a lake in downtown Kaohsiung

Gene Bernal and Prof. Haeberle in Kaohsiung

From the left: Prof. Ruan, Prof. Haeberle, and Prof. Chien Shan-Chi (philosophy und art) of the sexology program at Shu-Te University

Some views of the campus of Shu-Te University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
The university was founded only 10 years ago in 1997.
It now has over 11,000 students. Among other things, it offers a Ph.D. program in human sexuality.

After his stay in Taiwan, Prof. Haeberle visited the Family Institute of the University of Hong Kong, where he presented some workshops in cooparation with our advisory board member Prof. M.L. Ng. Here again, the new Chinese version of our courses in traditional Chinese script was used. The two colleagues also met with the institute’s director, Prof. W. Y. Lee, for intensive discussions about the future of e-learning and some possible cooperation.

Prof. Haeberle and Prof. Ng at the reception desk of the HKU Family Institute

Article recommending our online courses
(Hong Kong newspaper Mingpao, dated Dec 3, 2007)
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